Organisational Resilience
Organisational Resilience

Organisational Resilience

Organisational resilience is more important than ever in today’s rapidly changing world. As we keep on navigating through the challenges brought about by the pandemic, Putin’s war in Europe, volatile energy markets, inflation hikes,… it has become crucial for organisations more than ever to adapt and reinvent themselves to ensure their survival and success. We’ve moved from a linear growth driven society to one where we stumble from one crisis into the next at an ever increasing pace.

In a recent study, researchers aimed to determine how organisational resilience is perceived in these new times and identified key practices for building future resilience. These include using futures thinking and foresight tools, discussing future failure, considering the connections between different capitals (natural, human, social, built, and financial), understanding essential outcomes, and embracing a flexible and adaptive response to disruptions. The study emphasizes the need for leaders to prioritize resilience and consider its impact on all components of the organization’s ecosystem.

In building organisational resilience, we observe that digital innovation plays a pivotal role. Companies that embrace digital technology are able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and unleash their creativity. For instance, the initial shift towards remote working and the current hybrid practices have not only improved work-life balance but also reduced commuting time and transport emissions. This, but not only this, demonstrates how embracing digital transformation can enhance an organisation’s resilience and contribute to a regenerative future.

Over and over we find that organisational resilience is vital for navigating uncertain times and building a regenerative future. By adopting practices that prioritise foresight, flexibility, together with smart digital innovation, organisations can adapt and thrive in the face of disruptions. It is clear that building organisational resilience is essential for creating a sustainable and thriving future.

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