Emmanuelle VERHAGEN

Emmanuelle holds an MSc. in Commercial Sciences with majors in both Finance and Marketing. This was complemented with an MBA from SDA Bocconi, where she majored in Value Management and System Dynamics.

As an impact entrepreneur, DUIN.partners is a further iteration of previous entrepreneurial ventures. The first major venture was psilogy, a global brand strategy agency that focused on bring the human back into marketing. This was followed by and Xprimi, a brand activation agency enabling a hyper-personalized, community driven shopping experience. In all instances she served clients such as P&G in North America and the Pacific, Friesland-Campina in the Middle-East and South-East Asia, Nokia across the Southern Hemisphere and Heineken across Eastern-Europe.

With over 25 years of experience in management consulting, marketing, and coaching, DUIN.partners has a track record of delivering data-driven and values-based transformative solutions for clients across various sectors and regions.

As a Barrett Certified Consultant, a Certified Co-Active Leadership Practitioner, and a Deep Democracy Facilitator, Emmanuelle blends organizational development expertise, strategic thinking, and cultural transformation to create thriving and resilient cultures that align with the goals and vision of the organizations Emmanuelle serves.

Emmanuelle is also passionate about advancing equity, diversity, inclusion, and human rights, and volunteers as a board member or advisor for several advocacy and social justice initiatives, such as Intersekse Vlaanderen, çavaria and Amnesty International.

In 2022, Emmanuelle was recognized as a Responsible Leader by the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt.


Davide Castorina holds a MSc in Economics and Management of Government and International Organizations at Bocconi University in Milan.

He gained a strong international business acumen working in Milan, London, and Paris. He covered for several years the role of International Marketing Director at Universal Pictures leading and coaching eleven local teams in implementing effective sales and marketing plans.

In the last 10 years, Davide leveraged on his experience in the multinational context to support a wide range of businesses from multi-billion dollar multinationals to start-ups as a consultant. Thanks to a long collaboration with the US-based international sales consultancy Whitten&Roy

Partnership, he gained also strong expertise in executing business diagnostic in a difficult urban and rural context, recruiting, training and managing a pool of consultants that operates as a team in supporting market-disrupting businesses whose mission is eradicating poverty in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Davide designs and manages ad hoc sales and leadership programs; he trained and coached hundreds of business leaders and sales professional internationally. He is an accredited PCC coach of the International Coaching Federation.

Davide’s consulting projects start from transforming the sales and marketing processes to teaching the leadership on how to sustain and develop their teams.

Davide is also helping Holding Groups in acquiring businesses and facilitating the transition to new management. He also helps in opening new market opportunities in Africa building and managing partnerships with local distributors to sell European industrial products.

He is passionate about bringing academia, consultancies, and businesses together to discuss new business paradigms; Davide often shares his experience by speaking at international conferences like the InFocus Forum at the United Nations in Geneve.

Davide supports the associative world in his role as President of the Focolari Movement Foundation in France whose mission is to lead and support activities of general interest like education, culture, environment and social.

Davide is an adjunct professor at IESEG and teaches several disciplines to undergraduate and postgraduate students about sales management, consumer behaviours, CRM and customer’s loyalty. He is also a lecturer at ESSEC in Paris where he teaches Sales & Negotiation.