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“What people have the capacity to choose,
they have the ability to change.”


We use science-backed approaches and techniques to create resilient organisational cultures readying your team(s) for tomorrow.

We are know for creating tangible and measurable shifts in organisational culture with processes that are engaging, co-active and dialogic.

While organisational resilience is a vast domain, we are most often invited to intervene in the following circumstances:


Building a future-proof organization.

Building organisational culture involves deliberate actions and strategies aimed at shaping the values, beliefs, behaviours, and norms within an organisation.

Among the many interventions that lead to sustained resilience, we offer:

Defining and Communicating Core Values. With a clear, open and inquisitive approach, we chart your organisational culture.

Leading by Example: Leaders play a crucial role, they embody the desired values and behaviours to inspire their people.

Inspire employee involvement and empowerment. Design, recognise and reward desired behaviours.


Overcoming differences in team & organisational culture.

Supporting the seamless integration of teams and departments by measuring the strengths of each group and identifying any potential obstacles.

We enable leaders to anticipate and plan for cultural issues that could arise in a merger or acquisition situation.

Also, the approach we use, enables you to integrate teams and departments more easily by understanding the strengths of each group, as well as the obstacles that may arise. It also helps to identify where groups can learn from each other.


Enrich our growing community.

From a deeper understanding of what motivates people in your organisation, an objective diagnosis of what is and isn’t working, we engage in generating actionable insights with a clear path forward to a more inclusive future.

Starting from a detailed understanding of the personal motivations of employees, their experience within your organisation, and the direction the organisation they feel it should be heading, we co-design a future where toxic behaviours have less potential.

The results from our intervention lead to deep, meaningful conversations about the purpose, priorities, and strategy of the organisation as well as the well-being of all stakeholders.

We provide a road map for achieving high performance, full-spectrum resilience, and sustainability.


Moving towards a better world.

Organisations across the world are building strategies to address the UN Sustainability Goals and ESG initiatives. We use a Culture Sustainability Assessment to offer a clear lens into how cultural values can support or hinder these ambitions and supports the actions to improve success. This allows you to:

Link your organisation’s purpose to the value created across societal, environmental and economic dimensions. Clearly articulate to stakeholders how you are contributing to specific sustainable development targets. Strengthen your organisational culture to support your sustainability goals

How to build a thriving culture

Culture is the most important factor that differentiates one group of people from another.

An organisation’s culture defines who you are and what you stand for. Vibrant cultures are values-driven, mission-driven and vision-driven. They exhibit high levels of values alignment and have low Cultural Entropy® scores.

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