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We build sustainable organisations: resilient and responsible.

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We focus on overcoming key issues: culture, leadership and strategic alignment – to ensure sustainability efforts serve a greater purpose.

We use science-backed approaches for developing resilient cultures that boost performance, save costs and improve the environment.


Organisational resilience

Organisational resilience is more important than ever in today’s rapidly changing world. As we keep on navigating through the challenges of 2020’s, it has become crucial for organisations to adapt and reinvent themselves to ensure their survival and success.

In building organisational resilience, a culture of continuous learning, adaptation and curiosity plays a pivotal role.

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Responsible Leadership

Responsible leadership has been the name for the leaders we need today to ensure the relevance of humankind tomorrow.

It’s leadership beyond the self, beyond the team, beyond the own organisation, and directed towards the mindful engagement with humans, resources and the wider eco-system in a way that the choices made benefit all stakeholders involved; also and especially the ones we never see, hear or think about spontaneously.

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Our drivers


We have designed our impact business model (IBM) around SDG 3 aiming for ubiquitous well-being in the organizations we work for, after all well-being flourishes in resilient organizations.

Also SDG 10 enhances our IBM by actively striving to reduce inequalities in the human systems we encounter.

Finally, and at the core of what we do as a business, is increasing the responsibility taking In consumption and production (SDG 12).








Business as a force for good

We believe that the power of humans to organise around a common purpose unlocks our creative power. This enables us to co-actively participate in enabling a positive future for all humankind. We therefore join the B-Corp movement. We’ve put the B-Corp’s philosophy inside the core of our being and have it embedded in all of our activities.

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Organised for purpose

We build and improve organisational resilience, ensuring sustainable performance, the thriving of both traditionally valued as well as historically undervalued people and their leadership in order to jointly built a regenerative future within our planetary boundaries.

We build our interventions around our belief system which is centred around 3 axis:

Truth & Integrity.
speaking truth to power
Simplicity & stewardship.
making eco-systems thrive
justice & the commons.
reinstating equitability

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